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Competition winners announced!

The winners have been randomly selected, and are as follows:

Mohamed ALMahdy

Stian Lie

Þórgeir Ygg

Each of you will get:

•Allfader CD - Black Blood Flux or At Least We Will Die Together (your choice)

•Allfader t-shirt or girlie (your choice of size)

•Allfader beanie hat

•Allfader wristband

•John will buy you a beer if you ever meet

To claim your prize, send an email to - remember to state which album you would like, what size shirt you want, and to include your full mailing adress!

Update - May 9th 2012

Hey, it's about time we gave you an update! A lot has been happening lately. First, we'd like to sum up the past few years:

2006 - At Least We Will Die Together released via Osmose Prod.

2006 - Per Valla leaves the band (John inherits guitar duties)

2010 - Finn Henriksen moves an 18-hour drive aways, and leaves the band

2011 - Black Blood Flux released via Osmose Prod.

2012 - Per Valla is officially back in the band after performing as live guitarist for the better part of a year

It's obviously quite a big deal when integral band members leave. Finn was a founding member and contributed immensely to the band's musical prowess. Still, we wish Per a sincere welcome back, and we're very much looking forward to letting our creative forces find new paths together. If you haven't already done so, we urge you to check out the other bands Per has been involved with the past years: Vredehammer and Elite.

These days we're mostly gearing up towards our first gig outside Norway, ever. On Friday may 18th we're playing at the Hub & Heuy Metalfest IX in Roermond, The Netherlands along with Aura Noir, Aeturnus, Grave and a whole bunch of other ass-kicking bands. Maybe we'll see you there?

We've started working on new material!
We have most of the music ready for seven new
songs. We're hoping to find time to work on lyrics
and vocals this summer. So, a new album is in the
making – but it’s too early to say when we’ll start
recording. First we need to refine the madness.

Also, we’ve ended our collaboration with
Osmose Productions. We thank them for their
trust and effort. This means we aren’t signed for
the time being and thus we are open for offers.
We’re always ready for gigs as well, so get in

Thanks to everyone who listens to our music,
attends our shows and support us in every
possible way - “in our eyes you’re immortal!”


John, Frode, Cato and Per